Broad Range Of Gearmotors Offered

Creative Engineering & Systems (M) Sdn Bhd distributes a broad range of compact geared motor products by Sumitomo Drive Technologies where reliability, efficiency and quiet operation are required.

We have more than 10 years of technical knowledge and experience in handling & distributing Sumitomo gearmotors. This added advantage enables us to help identify our clients needs better.

In-Line Gearmotors

Cyclo Drive 6000General purpose, compact, modular, inline reducers and gearmotors offering easy installation of output chains and sprockets; high shock load capacity; durability; and wide ratio ranges.

Cyclo Drive 6000

The Sumitomo Cyclo drive is unsurpassed by any other inline drive available in the market today.

Cyclo 6000 Centrifuge Drive

Cyclo Drive centrifugal gears are the ideal drive for all types of centrifuges with a screw conveyor for conveying solids.


Modular motors, gearheads and controllers for industrial and commercial applications

Right Angle Gearmotors

Hyponic Gearmotor

Space-saving, easy to install, shaft mounted reducers and gear motors. Spiral bevel and hypoid gear designs deliver quiet, efficient performance; no chain and sprocket to maintain; and no chain guard required.

Neo Hyponic

Features compact modular housing, patented Hyponic gear technology, maintenance-free grease lubrication, and high efficiency operation.

BBB Bevel Buddybox

Right angle, spiral bevel gearbox with Cyclo reducer input. Features keyless, steel Taper-Grip bushing for easy mounting.

Offset Parallel Gearmotors

HBB Helical BuddyboxEasy to install, shaft mounted reducers and gearmotors ideal for demanding applications where the available shaft length is short. These models offer efficient, reliable operation; a flexible range of output speed and torque combinations; no chain and sprocket to maintain; and no chain guard required.

HBB Helical Buddybox

Cyclo quality and reliability, shaft mount design.

Helical Shaft MountShaft mounted speed reducer and CEMA screw conveyor drive

Heavy Industrial Gear Reducers

Paramax 9000Rugged, durable drives ideal for high torque, high horsepower or large thrust load applications. Modular design, universal housings and optimized gear tooth profile ensure long life and cost-effective, efficient operation.

Paramax 9000

Premier performance, industrial gearbox in universal housing.

Paramax SEC Extruder Drive

Optimally designed for Single Screw Extruders and engineered into a compact package.

Paramax SFC

Industrial gearbox for demanding air cooled condenser and cooling tower applications.

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